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Wira Grafik GmbH

Herr Vinko Razgorsek

Vieringhausen 96
42857 Remscheid


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Herr Vinko Andre Razgorsek

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Slowenisch

Wira Grafik GmbH
Vieringhausen 96
D-42857 Remscheid

Amtsgericht: Wuppertal HRB 26927
USt-Id Nr.: DE252016680

Herr Vinko Razgorsek, Geschäftsführer

Wira Grafik Presents - purchase & sales - assembly & dismantling - transport & service

We have been present on the market for as long as 30 years. In this time, we have developed into a highly qualified partner in Germany and Europe in the field of printing. As a competent partner, we can advise you, notify you and help you, as well as find the best possible solution in the field of graphic machines together with you.

We have been on this path since the year 1987. As an independent entrepreneur "Graphische Maschinen Razgorsek", we have acquired a lot of experience in the field of graphics machine sales and created a good name for ourselves in the European market. By founding the limited liability company "Wira Grafik GmbH" in the year 2005, we combine our long years of experience with today's knowledge. Thus, our company constantly progresses and does not rest on the success of previous years.

See for yourself. We are looking forward to your visit, written inquiry or call. We are a reliable and responsible partner in the field of graphic machines.

Our values

When we observe today's market, it becomes clear to us, that the world of economy is shrinking. The market is transparent, the limits for the entry onto the market are low, the competition is high and products and services in the market are very similar. This issue is reflected in the sales of various fields, sizes and countries. Thus, our task is to create differences, through which our service will distinguish itself from that of our competition.

The company Wira Grafik GmbH is a small and medium sized family company. We are distinguished from our competition through long years of experience, international market processing, flexibility and technical knowledge. Our values are reliability, friendliness, honesty, fair play, openness and direction towards the service.

Our mission is:

We sell quality printing machines at fair prices.

No wish of our client is impossible for us.

Long years of experience are reflected in the success of our clients.

We devote all of our attention and our hospitality to our client at all times as the client is our engine and his satisfaction is our drive.

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Display Heidelberg Display Touch screen CP 2000
DVI-Display CP2000 Bh2hibiw8 for Heidelberg SM 102/74 mehr »
Ablader Polar TR130EL-4 Transomat
Polar Transomat TR130EL-4 Age: 2005 Kxwvoosj mehr »
Rüttelautomat Polar RAB5 Jogger
Polar Vibrating table RAB5 with air-removing roller Age: 1997 Bft93dgq0d mehr »
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Display Heidelberg Display Touch screen CP 2000
DVI-Display CP2000 Bh2hibiw8 for Heidelberg SM 102/74
Ablader Polar TR130EL-4 Transomat
Polar Transomat TR130EL-4 Age: 2005 Kxwvoosj
Rüttelautomat Polar RAB5 Jogger
Polar Vibrating table RAB5 with air-removing roller Bft93dgq0d Age: 1997
Stapellift Polar LW 1000-4
Polar Lift LW-1000-4 Age: 1997 Format: 80x120 cm Bft9zd0yrz
Schneidemaschine Polar 115 ED
Polar 115 ED complete line Age: 1997 with 2x extra knives Programs Touch screen Chromed air table Side tables Bft9woaf7q Also available with: Polar Lift LW-1000-4 Polar Vibrating table RAB5 with air-removing roller Polar Trans ...
Schrumpfpacker Beck KC 5555 shrink packer
Beck shrink packer KC 5555 Semi automatic shrink packaging machine for overwrapping and sleeve wrapping. Age: 2000 Sealing range: 550 x 550 mm Equipment: Foil wrapping machine and shrink tunnel Npkkn Movable on castors Adjustabl ...
Offsetdruckmaschine KBA Rapida 106-4 SW2
KBA Rapida 106-4 SW2 Age: 2009 Counter: 215 mio. impression Format: 106x74 cm Speed: 18.000 sheets/hour Equipment: 4 color Perfector 2/2 4/0 2rkeuu Baldwin Technotrans Video Control Washing devices Colortronic Densitronic FAP ...
Faltschachtelklebemaschine Bobst Domino 100-M
Bobst Domino 100-M Age: 1979 Working width: 100 cm 4 point Glueing Straight line Glueing Npeyj
Falzmaschine Stahl KC 66/4 KTL
Stahl KC 66/4 KTL Age: 1991 Format:66x104 cm Equipment: Flatpile Feeder 4 buckles 2 knives Bfqnhn3jbn Double Gate-Fold Pocket Noise Hood
Falzmaschine MBO T800 4/4/2 + SBAP ME
MBO T 800/4/4/2 + SBAP 46 ME Bfqng0z7zl Age: 2007 Format: max.: 82x120cm Equipment: Palletfeeder FP95 Vivas sheet control MC-Control 1st Folding Unit: T800.1 - 78/4 2nd Folding Unit: T800.1 – 68/4 3rd Folding Unit: T800.1 – ...
Klebebindelinie Wohlenberg Golf 320
Wohlenberg Golf 320 Perfect binding line Bfqaorpcgr Age: 1991 Gathering machine ZTM 370 with 16 units Perfect Binder with 18 clamps Equipment: Hand feeder Milling station with extraction Hotmelt and cold glue Gauze Unit Cover f ...
Schneidemaschine Polar 115 ED Line with Transomat
Polar 115 ED complete line Age: 1997 30gtwgw Equipment: Polar Lift LW-1000-4 Polar Vibrating table RAB5 with air-removing roller Polar Transomat TR130EL-4 / Age: 2005
Offsetdruckmaschine MAN Roland 304
Man Roland 304 Age: 2002 Counter: 66 mio. Impression Working hours: 53570 Max. sheet size: 59,5 x 74,5 Equipment: Bduxzortw Perfector 4/0 or 2/2 RCI Rolandmatic Technotrans Semi automatic plate changer Washing devices High P ...
Offsetdruckmaschine KBA Rapida 104-5+L
KBA Rapida 104-5 + L Age: 1997 Format: 74x104 cm Counter: 163 mio. impression Yr8hds Equipment: 5 printing Units Coating Unit Straight machine IR/Hot Air Dryer Blanket washing device Ink kroller washing device Grafix Powder Digi ...
Offsetdruckmachine Heidelberg SM 74-2 PH+L
Heidelberg SM 74-2 PH+ L Age: 2002 Counter: 76 mio. impression Format: 53x74 cm Equipment: 2 color Bfpzstlkhp Perfector 1/1 2/0 Coating Unit CP 2000 Center Autoplate Alcolor Baldwin Inking Unit washup Device Blanket washup Devic ...
Offsetdruckmaschine MAN Roland 305 L
MAN Roland 305+L Age: 2005 Counter: 80,3 mio. Impression Perfector: 1/4 2/3 5/0 Equipment: CIP 3 Densitometer CCI / RCI remote ink and register control of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register Rolandmatic damping with c ...
Schneidemaschine Polar 176 XT Autotrim PACE
Polar 176 XT Autotrim PACE Age: 2008 Bfnqrqgtkn Equipment: Polar RA-7s Automatic Jogger with air-removing roller Automatic transport system to Guillotine Autoturn Automatic waste removal Polar TR-1 EL 160-7s Transomat
Falzmaschine Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti 52/4 - KBK - Fi52
Heidelberg Stahlfolder Ti 52/4 – KBK – Fi52 Age: 2000 Serial: 250665/00 Bff0edpzts Flat pile Feeder Fi52 4 buckles Stream Delivery SAK 56 S2
Offsetdruckmaschine MAN Roland 204 T OB
MAN Roland 204 T OB Age: 1988 Counter: only 12,5 mio. impression Format: 52x74cm Equipment: 4 color Control Panel RCI II Register control Ink control Rolandmatic Dampening Quick action plate clamps Machine in production Location: ...
Stanzmaschine Heidelberg Cylinder SBG 56x77
Heidelberg Cylinder SBG Age: 1964 Serial: 26625 Format: 56x77 cm Machine in production Location: Germany Nn3vp
Flachbettstanze Bobst Autoplatine SP 900 E 180 T with stripping station
Bobst Autoplatine SP 900 E-180 T Age: 1975 Sheet Format: max.: 90x63 cm Bffnsl8zzo Min.: 35x29,5 cm Speed: 5500 sheets/hour Die Cutting station Stripping station Die cutting Frames Machine in Production Location: Germany
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