BTS Company aus Ljubljana

BTS Company

Herr Miha Zagorc

Bratislavska c. 5
1000 Ljubljana


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BTS Company d.o.o.
Bratislavska cesta 5
Si-1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1 58 41 400
Fax: +386 1 52 49 224
VAT nr.: SI22944818

BTS Company d.o.o. is a trading company with 25 years old tradition in Slovene market. We have our head office in Ljubljana, a store in Maribor and enterprises in Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade. To our customers, we offer overall solutions in the areas of machining, robotics and counseling. Our supply ranges from cutting and measuring tools to the equipment and machine tools. We also arange the installations of the CNC machine tools and robots, and initiate the projects. We have our own servicing department for complete servicing of equipment authorized by the manufacturers.

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