H&M houtbewerkingsmachines BV aus Sneek

H&M houtbewerkingsmachines BV

Herr René Klabbers

Koperslagersstraat 6-12
8601 WL Sneek


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H&M Woodworking Machinery
H&M woodworking machinery is a dynamic company that has been operating in the woodworking industry since 1985. H&M supplies everything in the field of woodworking machines, from a single standard machine to complete shop lay-outs.

Whether you are interested in new or used machines, maintenance or certification, then H&M is the address for you. Since 1994, H&M also builds, entirely in-house, a complete line of machines for shortening and processing wood for woodworking companies. Our clientèle consists primarily of carpentry companies, timber frame construction companies, door frames and door manufacturers, the timber trade and the furniture industry.

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